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MyLovePath GAME

Love is magic. This app will bring love message to every streets, cities, and countries.


Summary on Game

How to play

A gamer will control to move a character by touch and move to the left or touch and move to the right to turn left or right. At the end of the game, the character will enter to a final gate. Depend on different levels of difficulties, a gamer will need to have better skill on speed or precision. If a gamer turn wrong or touch the street, he/she will only be able to play 6 times and have to wait 60 seconds for free version. You can gain more energy if you invite friends to play the game from your facebook friend list. For the paid version, he/she will be able to play unlimited times. A gamer will select different mode and setting to play the game. After the character enter the final gate of each round, a kiss will pop up. A gamer has to kiss straight to the middle of the kiss image. Depending percentage area touch of the kiss, the device will buzz differently. A message from your friends/lover also shows up.


  • If less than < 70% , device will not shake and ask for kissing again.
  • If > = 70% and <80% will shake lightly – If >= 80% to < 90% will shake normal
  • If >= 90% will shake hardest A message also pops up if it is a game send from your lover.


Characters are male or female hearts (human look alike). Male will have blue and tougher looking wings and shoes.


  • Simple map with trees: (Easy Level)

A character will move on the street. Trees, house and chair bench will show up.

  • Desert ( Route 66) ( Medium level)

A character will move on route 66. Utility poles, cactus, rock and route 66 sign will show up.

The end of the map will show up the famous route 66 mountain

  • New York city: ( Hard Level)

A character will move on New York Street. Buildings and Street Sign will show up on map.

The end of the map will show up statue of liberty.



My name is Anh Pham. I am a programmer and been working in IT related over 12 years. As many young man besides his career, love is another important part of life that I was looking for. So in 2011, I found my love. I got married to my wife and currently a farther of my cutest girl name Alice. I remembered my first valentine with my wife. I was struggling to find a meaningful gift to give to her. I didn’t just want to give her flowers or something expensive. I wanted to bring her a message to say that “I love you” with a special thing that represented me. And because I have been a computer nerd, I thought of “Steve Jobs”. At that moment, a message came up to my mind “there’s an app for everything”.   So I searched around the app store but unfortunately there was no app for this. Not until now 4 years later I am able to finish the first round of design and coding. I would like to introduce to you “MyLovePath” app game.


I am currently a co-founder for this app. I partner up with a Vietnamese team to work with me on this project.